26 oct 2016

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5 Reasons Your Site Is Preventing Conversions Right Now

There is no shortage of articles on the internet that will tell you how to drive traffic to your website. You can invest in online advertising, search engine optimization, influencer marketing, brand building, or one of the other hundreds of traffic generation strategies out there.

Getting traffic isn’t the end-all to digital marketing, though. You still need to serve content that will get those visitors to engage and convert. For anyone who has a business online, the most critical metric is sales conversions.
Let’s look at how you can improve the bottom line.

Why isn’t my site converting?

There are many reasons a website doesn’t convert. Take a look at these top 10 reasons your website is preventing conversions, then start making improvements today.

1. You’re focused on design, not goals

A pretty site with the latest features can be good for appearances, but if it doesn’t help your visitors research or purchase, then it’s serving your company and not your customer. Websites have been the domain of designers and other creatives for a long time. But that’s not enough.

To compete today, you need to be laser-focused on discovering and aligning your website to the goals of your consumers. If you don’t they’ll find someone else who will. Following the latest design trends won’t get you very far. Following your customers’ goals will.

site conversion web design

The website carousel is a great example of a popular feature which, unfortunately, the data shows to be ineffective. Popular with web designers – not popular with users:

website carousels
2. You’re not clear about your value

What value can you promise to deliver to your visitor? Is that clearly stated on your website? Too many websites deliver muddled, unclear value propositions or don’t include one at all.

site conversion value prop

3. You’re guessing, not measuring

You can’t manage what you don’t measure. The two most frequent problems in that regard are that you either aren’t tracking your website activity at all or you’re simply not reviewing your results.

Many folks know they should be measuring, but have no idea what to look for or what to take away from the data. Start with your goals. What is your objective as a business and what counts as a win? Now work backwards and identify other key metrics and tactics that will help you reach that objective.

goals for site conversions

From there, you can work on improving those numbers, regularly checking the data to see what’s working and what isn’t, so you can adjust and fine-tune your efforts. (Try the Ladder of Improvement method.)

4. You’re talking and not listening

Too many websites suffer from an old marketing mindset. They treat their website more like a one-way billboard communication, rather than a two-way retail store type communication. But things have changed.

Today, power is in the hands of customers. If you don’t help them in their first moments on your site, they’ll go elsewhere. When customers are frustrated with your site, their only options are to abandon the site or call customer service. As a result, your customer service team can be a wealth of feedback.

how to improve site conversions

Do you utilize customer service feedback on your website? Start with this list of 9 simple questions to ask your customer support team at regular intervals. Customer service is the listening post of your operation. Get them started talking, and get ready to take notes.

5. You’re overloading pages with too many options

Analysis paralysis doesn’t only happen when trying to decide what to order for lunch from a jam-packed menu. It happens on your website too. Every page on your website should have a single clear goal.

If you have more than one main clear call-to-action on each page, you’re trying to do too much. Break complex pages into multiple pages that are simpler and easier to navigate.

Here’s a good example of giving your visitors far too many choices. What is the goal of this page?

site conversion options


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