23 feb 2017

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) | Advantages & Benefits

Why some of the biggest companies in the world are on AWS?

AWS has become the premier cloud solution for the entire business world. While there are some competitors in the market that have similar offerings, it will take them years to catch up to AWS. AWS has become a very profitable venture for Amazon, thanks to some of the biggest websites in the world being totally dependent on their services. Its advantages over standard hosting are too many to count, but we have highlighted some of the major ones here.


The sheer amount of scalability which AWS provides its users completely obliterates any argument for going with standard web hosting. AWS is so huge that there is always more storage, bandwidth, and computational power available if needed. The billing depends on the amount of resources you use. If you are expecting more traffic than normal, you can easily scale up your operation with a few clicks by paying a slightly higher rate. If you are expecting traffic to go down, you can scale down with the same


AWS ends up saving its customers a lot of money. It works in a way that the marginal cost of an additional product keeps going down. It costs AWS very little to add more storage and bandwidth to your account since its infrastructure is staggeringly enormous. The money saved by AWS is then passed on to the customers who end up paying less while at the same time getting more features. There are also no up-front commitments or long-term contracts, so you are only billed based on your usage.

Enterprise level services for small firms

Large corporations have always been able to exploit the benefits of information technology much easier as compared to small firms simply because they had more resources. Many of the features included in AWS were never affordable for smaller companies previously. Now small companies get the same quality of service that large corporations are used to. Previously, smaller firms had to go with lesser quality web hosts which resulted in more down time and pathetic support for add-ons and features. That is no longer true. The security features of AWS for a small company are the same as the ones for a company valuated at billions, because the security is for AWS as a whole. The same is true for performance and reliability.

The AWS Console

The AWS Management console is your hub for AWS services. It allows you to monitor your account with AWS, add services, see your billing, change information about your account, modify usage, and much more. It makes it easier and more intuitive to modify your website and data but is nowhere near easy enough for non-technical people.

You can easily launch EC2 instances, work with S3 buckets, and install AMIs (Amazon Machine Images) as long as you have the technical knowledge required to set up a server. If you want to add a service, select the services tab from the navigation bar. If you want to see AWS wide features, select the AWS tab from the navigation bar. On some services, you will have an option to change regions as well right on the navigation bar.

On the left is the navigation pane, which shows the different pages available. The design of the application is similar to Microsoft Outlook and is thus easily understood by most users.

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